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TGIF (vol. 14)

Dress: LOFT - Earrings: Francesca’s Collections (Southdale Mall) – Watch: Michael Kors - Bracelet: Jenny with leChicBleu -  Flats: NINE WEST - Nails: Essie’s A Crewed Interest Target



Last week was a tough week for me. I guess my less than inspiring TGIF vol. 13 might have given some of you an idea of that, maybe not. But it was a week where in 3 different instances I felt heartbroken. Unfortunately it’s nothing I can share with you. What I will share, however, is what happened when I called home. I told my mom how I was feeling, and she listened to every word, made me feel like it was ok to talk about it, then she put my dad on the phone, and he too asked me what was going on. He wanted to hear details, he wanted me to vent, he wanted me to open my heart. And I did. And then he put my sister on the phone, and the same thing happened. I just feel so blessed to have a family like that. My entire life I have had them by my side, cheering with me, crying with me, living life with me. I will never forget the wonderful words of encouragement I can always hear by calling them, I will never forget how amazing they make me feel after we talk, and I won’t ever forget how they make me feel.

This week was a HUGE improvement over last! And thank you so much to all the fun e-mails and comments you wrote about coming here and reading all my blah blah blahs!


- Spent time with FRIENDS: On Sunday (Marci & Fe) Monday (Molly), Tuesday (Heather), Wednesday (Tiffany), and Thursday (Bible study chicks and Brittany). Remember when I wrote about feeling lonely? Well, I’m building some awesome relationships and I’m happy to call these girls (and guy) “friends.” Big thanks to Brittany for taking my photos for this week’s post!


- Joined LIFETIME FITNESS: I am SO excited about this! The whole environment at LTF motivates me. TIP: If you join before June 30th there’s no enrollment fee and you can also get a discount on the administrative fee (YAY). I’m looking forward to getting healthier! Thanks Tiffany for pushing me :-).

- Purchased a new BRACELET: I was so excited when saw Wendy’s bracelet (seen here) was custom made and purchased at Etsy. Custom made anything excites me. When it comes to bracelets I have the hardest time finding ones that will fit my 5 and a 1/2 inch wrist. So she made me an itty bitty one – love! I have to say the quality isn’t top notch, but it’s cute and looks great with my Rose Gold watch I wear all the time!

MOVIES: Seeking Justice (***)


I probably watched a couple episodes of “The Hills” and weather or not I like Lauren Conrad as a person, I do appreciate her sense of style. SO, imagine my delight as I was browsing through the books at Target and found THIS book by the fashionista! It is actually very interesting and a great book to read when I’m bored and just want something different to do.


I have two super awesome kitties and I’m constantly trying to find them new toys. They seem to destroy anything I bring home in about a day. I was browsing the Dollar Spot area at Target and found this stuffed animal, blue bird. For just a buck I thought I’d give it a try. THEY BOTH LOVE it! It’s so cute to see them throwing the little thing into the air and act like their hunting it. It’s been 4 days now, and little blue bird is still in one piece and entertaining them. I would say I scored! Next time they need a toy I’ll skip the trip to PetSmart and head to the Dollar Spot at Target.

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